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Research in the field of education, health, human development and psychology has shown that pre-school age is a crucial phase in person's physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. A number of longitudinal experimental studies have demonstrated that those children who are exposed to quality early care and education have higher chances of succeeding academically, professionally and socially. Therefore it is important to ensure that all children have access to quality early education and development services.

Preschool education in Georgia is completely decentralized – local municipalities are in charge of funding and operating preschool education institutions. However during the last several years a number of initiatives have been launched at central level: Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MoES) and National Curriculum and Assessment Center (NCAC) in collaboration with UNICEF have developed important documents and methodological resources for preschool professionals: Early Learning and Development Standards, manual of recommended standards for physical environment of preschool education institutions, Preschool Education Curriculum, methodological resources for preschool teachers and directors.

At the given stage improvement of quality and access in preschool education sector has been prioritized at the state level. This includes supporting methodologies in practice at pre-school institutions, strengthening teacher professional development systems at local levels and strengthening academic interest and research in early childhood education. 

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